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The Dark Knight + colours

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christian bale and as for director...quentin. :)

ASKED BY glamorncruelty.

you are making this hard on me. for bale it’s probably either batman begins or the fighter. i also really liked the new world.

for quentin it’s inglourious basterds :D

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make me choose: Brad Pitt or and Angelina Jolie
      ” Brad is a wonderful man and a great father and the person I admire most in the world because I know who he is every minute of every day. I think he’s extraordinary.

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FROZEN + dark vs. light

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"I coulda dropped my croissant"

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Send me a director or an actor and I’ll tell you my favorite film from them

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lifes too short to pretend to hate pop music

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I go into movies thinking, we’re performing, but with interviews, we’re pretending to be completely real. I just can’t get my head around it. And the things we say in this hour could permanently shape our personas. I mean, tell me that’s not a little odd! And because I think that’s odd, people think I’m odd. And that’s strange. Know what I’m saying?

—Joaquin Phoenix

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